baylor watch company

Baylor 17j Automatic

Baylor 17j Automatic after cleaning and polishing

Baylor 17j Automaitc caseback

Baylor 17j Automatic case-back

AS 1361 movement

AS 1361 movement missing auto wind module

The rotor bridge and gearing is missing and the escapement needs replacing so there’s a parts watch on the way. The movement is an AS 1361 with the Hans Becker logo on the main plate. Baylor was a house brand for Zales jewellery in the 50’s and 60’s and the design is typical for that period. As soon as it’s fixed it’s going on the funkiest gold flex bracelet I have from that period and spending the summer on my wrist. The before and after shots represent about twenty minutes un-casing and cleaning the dial and case. The movement desperately needs a scrub and I’m tempted to one-dip it before I even start disassembly. A donor movement is in the mail.

Updates as parts arrive:

May 31 2010
Two batches of parts have been insufficient to restore the autowind. A third movement is on the way and hopefully will complete the project.

July 13 2010
The third and most complete donor movement was misplaced by the Post Office after being mailed out by Ed at WatchDoc. I’m beginning to think this watch is haunted. 🙂 On the plus side at least it wasn’t a Zenith or Omega movement. Back to the search…