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Watchmaking, repair and adjustment:

Illustrated Glossary of Watch Parts (HTML)
Illustrated Glossary of Watch Parts (PDF)
A Practical course in Horology (PDF)

Service and Repair of the Hamilton Electric (PDF)
Accutron 214 Service Manual (PDF)
Accutron 218 Service Manual (PDF)
The detached lever escapement (theory) (PDF)
The Waltham 6 size Model 1893M (PDF)
Lessons in Horology – Theory (PDF)
Watch and Clock Escapements – Theory(HTML)
Friction, lubrication and the lubricants of Horology (PDF)
Balance and Escapement traits (PDF)


Ranfft Movement archive
Ranfft Import Code archive

Parts and Tool suppliers:

Dave’s Watch Tools and Supplies
Dashto Horological Services
Uncle Larry’s  Watch Shop
Otto Frei

EBay movement and parts sellers:

Global Watch Straps
Diamond Head
Edelweiss 2000
Mel 2001
Prime Time Canada
The Watch Crystal Store

Dial refinishing and re luming:

International Dial Co.
Kirk-Rich Dial

Eagle dial – Philadelphia
132 S 8th Street # 2
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5135
Phone:l(215) 925-7423

Kirk of Georgia
1325 Chattahoochee Avenue
NWAtlanta, GA 30318-2835
Phone: (404) 352-1546

Kirk of Pennsylvania
717 Liberty Ave Ste 501
Pittsburgh, PA,
Phone: 412-261-2452
Fax: 412-261-2453

Kirk Dial of Seattle
112 Central Ave N
Kent, WA 98032-4521
(253) 852-5125

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