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Dressing watch oilers

Dressing watch oilers

Many collectors come across the frustration of oiling early on and the cheap oilers offered for sale make the task even more difficult. The problem with cheap oilers is the manufacturing dies are rarely up to par creating a a .40mm or smaller tip required to properly load and dispense the amounts needed. This can be remedied in a few minutes with a staking set, sanding stick and buff when you know how.

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First introduced in the early 1960’s
Every Omega Collector needs at least one.

Omega Beads of Rice bracelet

Omega Beads of Rice bracelet refinished to original design and On Sale in Accessories

Vintage Omega Beads of Rice Bracelet

Vintage Omega Beads of Rice Bracelet 1036 + #11 ends

The first time I saw an Omega Beads of Rice bracelet I understood how women feel about shoes. Mention it within earshot of any WIS (watch idiot savante) or Omega collector and the conversation starts from there. Is it just a bracelet? Of course but for every collector the 1960’s Omegas hold a special place in large part due to NASA and the Space program. Nothing finishes off an old Speed Master or Seamaster like the BoR. It comes in several flavours including 5 row, 7 row or 9 row. If you own a Vintage Omega you’re not finished until you have one. For Sale

47 Gruen Bumper

47 Gruen Bumper

Welcome to A Vintage watch.

I collect and restore men’s Vintage watches from the 1800’s to the 1960’s. As the collection grows I pick out examples and offer them to others in the collecting community. I think you’ll find the cost to be very reasonable considering the condition of the models I collect. I do this because of an appreciation for the master watch makers of the past, not to get rich. Shop around and check on-line prices and I’m confident you’ll return for a second look. Most of what I sell are affordable American and Swiss manufacture.

In general the blog is about restoration and I hope you find a tip or technique that saves you time or in some cases a valuable movement. I hope I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I made when I started working on my own watches without proper tools or experience.

If you have a better way of achieving the same result, don’t hesitate to comment and help others in the community. If you’re looking for parts that I don’t have drop me an email and tell me what you’re looking for. I know how long it takes to find rare movement pieces and more eyes looking out for them can cut the time to acquire them in half.

I’m currently re-shooting the models I have for Sale and arranging them specifically for this site. Every few days there should be something new posted so come back and check out the progress.

Thank you