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Vintage Terrene wrist watch

Vintage Terrene

The Site is one year old today and I couldn’t be happier with the hits and the amount of time people spend here. The best thing about running this site is I have to keep finding new watches to purchase and repair so I can provide content. I can do that. Todays watch is the one that started it all a few years ago. Like most collectors I’ve always loved watches and my first crush was the Omega SpeedMaster. Being ten years old when NASA was exploring outer space and preparing for the moon landing made my generations childhood an exiting time to grow up. When we saw the Omega commercials we all wanted the space watch.

This isn’t an Omega but it’s the prop that reinvigorated my love for watches. I say prop because my initial purpose/excuse for purchase was a photograph featuring some common everyday articles found in the 1940’s. What I found was this old Terrene with a Starina movement on the Bay. When I received it I realized it wasn’t as evocative as I thought and set out to find another. That turned into a Heywood which led to a Warwick which…you get the idea.

So, Happy Anniversary to A Vintage Watch and thanks to everyone for visiting and sharing the love of these beautiful old machines.

Jagot 6 Jewel cylinder escapement

Jagot 6 Jewel cylinder escapement

Here’s a recent purchase that turned out to be a surprise. I was expecting to find the ubiquitous Shild 341 or FHF variation inside. What I found when I opened the tri-fold case was a movement I’ve never seen before. It’s a cylinder movement from MST with only a “6” below the balance as a clue to identification. Edit:  Thanks to David at for providing the Calibre and another great source for reading and research.

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