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First introduced in the early 1960’s
Every Omega Collector needs at least one.

Omega Beads of Rice bracelet

Omega Beads of Rice bracelet refinished to original design and On Sale in Accessories

Vintage Omega Beads of Rice Bracelet

Vintage Omega Beads of Rice Bracelet 1036 + #11 ends

The first time I saw an Omega Beads of Rice bracelet I understood how women feel about shoes. Mention it within earshot of any WIS (watch idiot savante) or Omega collector and the conversation starts from there. Is it just a bracelet? Of course but for every collector the 1960’s Omegas hold a special place in large part due to NASA and the Space program. Nothing finishes off an old Speed Master or Seamaster like the BoR. It comes in several flavours including 5 row, 7 row or 9 row. If you own a Vintage Omega you’re not finished until you have one. For Sale

A.S. 984

A. Shild 984

I was shooting some old parts movements for on-line trading when I came across this old A. Shild 984 seven jewel movement. After getting closer I got the composition I liked and started taking shots. I’ll go through the rest and see what I can come up with. Post was comprised of Dodging, burning, defogging and some smudging to even out the surface appearance of the metal. Download Wallpaper

zenith logo

In 1865 at the age of 22 Georges Favre-Jacot started a small watch making company in Locle Switzerland

Zenith Stellina 2542

Zenith Stellina cal 2542

Since that date Zenith has accumulated over fifty movements and fifteen hundred awards for timekeeping excellence. So why haven’t you heard of them? Simple really,  the Zenith electronics corporation has the trademark for the brand name in North America so they’ve been satisfied with the European and Asian markets. For much of the last century they were part of the big three, Rolex, Omega and Zenith in the constantly changing order of popularity.

By 1875 Jacot’s watch factory had one thousand people employed which was a growth rate unheard of at the time. In 1896 Jacot was awarded a gold medal at the Swiss National Exhibition in Geneva. Four years later, honours at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. These awards for precision and excellence came far earlier than any rail road standards and solidified his name as a Master Watch maker.

Mention the Zenith name today and the first response is usually the El Primero, the first automatic chronograph chronometre with a rate of 36,000 vibrations per hour. The fastest beating mechanical movement to date.

Zenith Stellina 2542

Zenith Stellina 2542 dial

Zenith Stellina 2542

Zenith Stellina 2542

Zenith 2542

Zenith 2542 calibre movement

Zenith 2542 finish

Zenith 2542 three point regulator With an oversize balance vibrating at 21,600 vph and a large mainspring with a power reserve of 50 hours.

Higher Resolution Image

This is the newest watch in the old cigar box with a production date of 1966. The only work to do on this model is a good case and hand polishing. Apart from a little dust internally the watch keeps excellent time with a daily variation of about 5 seconds. The photo doesn’t do justice to the exceptional finish of the movement. The machining is simple, elegant and striking giving it a soft glow. For Sale